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Brief introduction

'Bra installed << You Are the One >> premiere, the new Gong Xinliang a' bra installed 'Ray' comes from countless.

Bra fitted - background

The bra fitted bra installed December 15, 2008 director Feng Xiaogang portable << You Are the One >> entire cast came to Hangzhou, held the world premiere celebration that night, Shu Qi appeared a black gold dress, hair was blowing 尽显 'sexy new Von girl MiuMiu. Goddess 'charm, but still no match for the pink underwear appearance fauna Dancing show cleavage into the premiere venue, Shu Qi and Vivian put on pink dresses Exhibition youth matte finish vibrant Shu Qi look of spring breeze The the charming pair Taohua Yan mad discharge. MiuMiu to wearing purple low-cut dress on frequently beware emptied. Gong Xinliang a bra fitted 'Ray countless people, even if that dancers gay is distracted, let alone in front of the TV viewers it!

The bra installed - Gong Xinliang

Gong Xinliang Bra fitted

Gender: Female Age: 21 Occupation: Finance Hobbies: Performing Arts Hometown: Gansu Province contracting agencies: Huayi Brothers a year and a half ago or earlier, 21-year-old girl working in the financial industry Gong Xinliang dream would not have thought that one day he will be a chance to enter the performing arts industry, Huayi Brothers Music's a struggle with the door, and Jane Zhang, Shang Wenjie, Yu Quan, Yang Kun and other front-line artist. occasions in an industry destined to get to know Huayi CEO Wang Jun, Wang Lei two entertainment biggest names her good shape and an innate pop singer voice caused the total attention of the king, and then asked whether their intention to enter the entertainment industry., a financial white-collar workers in reality turned into a myth of the artist was born who are Gansu girl Gong Xinliang, by their mother affected 16-year-old will be involved in the financial industry, 20 years of age has been a minor celebrity in its industry. suddenly put down once brilliant performance to join the industry into a complete stranger, from white-collar turned artist called a rebellion fled. want to be done all the personality which is also a 21-year-old girls fearless declaration after a year and a half of training and waiting, its debut << bloom >> upcoming issue, while participating large New Year << sincerity disturbance >> undoubtedly in to her as the new fuel, the film record full flowering Gong Xinliang not know that the top eight players are not the 2008 Sprite definitely sing, but with Huayi Brothers vision should be the girl. << You Are the One >> inside a small fragment is Gong Xinliang a debut, this bra filled with performances, seems to be the first gig after signing Huayi, evidently, Huayi Brothers is ready for a long time. [1]

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